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We provide all the tools needed to get you up and running quickly and cost effectively.

Our Services

Indoor Map Creator

Our map creator has been designed to make creating and maintaining maps easy to use and to support the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF)

IMDF was created by Apple and adopted by the OGC as the standard for indoor maps

Asset Tracking

Our tags can be tracked throughout your building or campus using our cloud platform.

That could be to find assets or to proactively schedule the right staff to a task based on their current location

Positions can be visualised in our web viewer or accessed from our RestAPIs

Indoor Positioning

Accurate indoor positioning normally requires beacons to be installed, lots of them.

All our positions are derived from WiFi and sensors that are already available.

That makes locating people and things cost effective and easy to deploy and maintain.

Map Creation & Deployment

Even though the tool is easy someone has to do the work. We provide services to create and manage  maps for you so you don't have too.

iOS positioning requires a site survey and our experience surveying over 13mm sq/ft of indoor spaces means we can get them done quickly and efficiently for you


€/£ 50 /Month

Any venue size

Map Creation req.

Fair usage policy applies

White label web app

3 Yr Contract

Starter Pricing

Asset Tracking

€/£ 100 /Month

Up to 100 Tags

Any venue size

Map Creation req.


Tags €/£ 35 ea.

Map creation

€/£ 2400 /Venue

Venue <25K sq/m 

Multiple Buildings

IMDF Map Submission

Vector Map Export

5 Minor Changes

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